Yeast Pro

The product is an enzyme hydrolyzed yeast extract from food grade yeast.

This is a unique concentrated source of soluble smaller protein components, carbohydrates and vitamins natural to yeast. Yeast extract has a strong taste of its own and only a small amount is needed to produce delicious results.

Natural yeast is composed of a rich mix of proteins, which is also found in yeast extract. This protein mix provides yeast extract with several different qualities. Indeed, some of its components enable it to add a savoury taste to a product, while others help bring out and balance existing tastes and flavours.

Yeast extract is used to create savory flavors and Umami taste sensations and can be found in sauces, bouillon, meat dishes, ready to eat masalas, savory snacks etc. Although It taste is suggestive of a meat bouillon, yeast extract does not contain animal ingredients and suitable in vegetarian cuisine.

Yeast Extract is labeled as either "yeast Extract" or "Natural Flavor" within the ingredients list of products. Its 100% Natural and vegetarian flavor free from gluten and added flavor.