1. SOYA PROTEIN CONCENTRATE * This is used as functional or nutritional ingredients in wide variety of food products.
* Being very digestible it is suited for children pregnant and lactating women and elderly people
* Used in pet foods and milk replacers for calves and pigs.
* Improved water and fat absorption helps to retain moisture and to bind fat thereby improving eating quality of many products such as bakery and meat products.
* Manufacture of pasta products with increased protein contents.
2. SOYA PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE * In pharmaceutical preparation developed for convalescent and those who suffer from digestive disorders.
* Nutritional enrichment of soft drinks and juice based beverages.
* Improvement of flavors of food.
* Preparation of hypoallergenic formulae for infants who are allergic to intact proteins.
3. SOYA PROTEIN ISOLATE *Aid in Natural hormone replacement therapy. Reduce LDL cholesterol.
* Infant formulas where milk solids are replaced by soy products. ISP is the preferred soya ingredient, because of its blandness, absence of flatus-producing sugars and negligible fibre content. The principal markets for these products are lactose-intolerant babies. However, ISP is use in geriatric and post-operative feeding a well as in weight reduction programs.