Hydrolysed Animal Protein (HAP)

It is manufactured by hydrolysis of selected blend of fresh edible fish parts diving a mild to strong meaty flavour, to meet the needs of customers. A primary source of savoury flavours, rich supplementations, taste seasonings and flacour enhancer.

Appearance Light yellow colour power;free flowing and less hygroscopic with mild meaty flavour Golden brown/yellow colour liquid
Analytical (Average)
Total Nitrogen 8.0% + 0.5% Min 3.7%
Brix ----- Min 45%
Salt 40% - 45% 20-22%
Moisture Max 5% -----
Iron NMT 30 PPM NMT 20 PPM
Heavy metals NMT 20 PPM NMT 20 PPM
Arsenic None None
Total bacterial count Max 10,000/gm Max 1000/gm
E.Coli Absent Absent
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Absent Absent
Salmonella Absent Absent

In 25 kg paper bag with 2 inner PE Liners Flexi tanks/ISo food garde containers.
Keep in cool and dry place. Empty the contents fully when bag is opened. Keep in clean storage tanks.

Light yellow colour powder or gloden brown colour liquid obtained by the hydrolysis of a selected blend of fresh animal proteins giving a mild to strong meaty flavour.

Application :

Serves as a primary source of savoury flavours and rich supplements to a vast range of food preparations such as instant noodles, soups, taste seasonings, sauces, frozen foods, meat processings and boiled foods as flavour enhancers.

Recommended Use Level: 0.7% to 2% of product as required.