Amino Acids

1. L - CYSTINE * Expectorant for Respiratory Diseases
* As a Nutrient (Transfusion Solution) before & after Operation
on Patients having:
a) Hypo proteinemia
b) Hypo alimentation
2. L - CYSTEINE * Bronchial Allergy & Bronchitis
* Used for curing Arteriosclerosis in Cardio Vascular System
* In Hair Tonics & Eczema
3. N-ACETYL - L - CYSTEINE (NAC) * Provides Immune Support
*Protection against Toxic Hazards of Cigarette smoke, Auto Exhaust & Overdose of Acetaminophen
* As a Mucolytic Agent
4. SCMC * Benefecial role in Prostrate & Respiratory Conditions
* Hepato Protectant
* Glutathione Precursor
5. L-LEUCINE * Used for Parentereal & enteral nutrition
* Used in combination with other Branched Amino acids
for sports nutrition, Health Foods & for patients
with Hepatic diseases to improve nutritive status.
* Used as a Flavouring substance.
6.L-GLUTAMIC ACID * Prevents or Decreases Nerve damage caused by Anti-cancer drugs
* Used as a component of Parenteral & enteral Nutrition
* Used as a Seasoning charecterised by its savoury "umami" taste.